Adobe CS5 on twitter

I searched for #CS5 on twitter and was amazed at the amount of content I saw. Thought I should share some of it:

pablokorona Adobe CS5 looks like an update that may rattle the FCP foundation of many, myself included. After effects update looks massive

SHAYNEWILLIAMS RT @techradar: RT @ComputerArts: It’s CS5 Monday! You want to know the 40 top things in CS5? Here you go:

OneScholar Photography judging panels will face greater headaches with the release of Photoshop CS5:

siddharthlele The Adobe CS5 is here. And Dreamweaver CS5 rocks!!

flashmagazine Flash Professional CS5 Review:

ericjordan: Computer Arts has a good breakdown of the 40 new features in the CS5 Suite.

stewy6 RT @Gartenberg: Some of the features in CS5 border on the magical. Or witchcraft. Not sure which. #amazing

zarathevegan I’ll be watching the CS5 release in a couple of hours. Soooooooooooo excited!

fuseltd_chris Can’t wait for the CS5 trial to be released. Rotoscoping, colour correction, and compositing never looked this good..

supervee Adobe CS5 Brings Sexy Back

marimoart Top 5 Photoshop CS5 Features

macbebekin Can’t wait to get my hands on Adobe CS5. Among other things: Puppet Warp! Although I’ll probably never need or use the tool.

cpoette RT @flashmagazine: Flash Professional CS5 Review:

Mandypops reallly want CS5! Photoshop CS5 looks good 🙂

Joseph_Sa Cant wait to put my hands on the new Photoshop CS5 .. (excited)

Eugene_G RT @thomashawk: New Adobe Photoshop CS5 ROCKS!

SarbenPhotos Today is better than Christmas for some people and they don’t even realize it yet. Now we can tell people alllll about Photoshop #CS5 :):)

Portrait2a_normal huseyinthebrain Photoshop CS5 is bananas –
hebiflux RT @dotmick: Flash Professional CS5 Review > #cs5

Tweets just kept pouring in and it was surprising that CS5 was not trending. One link which kept popping up was:

Other links I saw:

Trending or no trending CS5 is going to be big.

Phoebe: Not just Big. This is huge. This is bigger than huge. This is like, all right, what’s bigger than huge?

JOEY: Um, this?


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