Presentations and source Zips from DevSummit

Had an incredible time in Chennai talking about Flash Builder Data Centric features. I talked about how to connect to Java and PHP backend from a Flex Client. Flex UI was created in an earlier session by Shyam P. Loved the crowd; event received over 600 people, containing a good mix of students and professional developers.They were interactive and enthusiastic till the end. Would like to do more events in Chennai 🙂
A apologize to friends whom I promised to meet in Hyderabad. Had to skip the trip due to health reasons.

Here is my presentation for the summit.

Set up instructions
To know the set-up instructions for the learn by doing session read:

You can keep visiting this site for updates about future events.

We also have a twitter account forFlashahead (@FlashAhead). You can follow it to receive updates, announcements and other fun stuff on Adobe Flash Platform.

Catalyst Demo

Here is UI source generated by Flash Catalyst in the first session.

Instructions on How-To-Connect

Click here to read the instructions on how to connect to Java and PHP backend from the User Interface generated above.

DCD demo

The source of the final funtioning project can be downloaded from here. For creating it, I imported the FXP created through Catalyst into Flash Builder,where I used the DCD features of Flash Builder to connect to the Java and PHP backends. Please feel free to contact me  if you have issues with any of the above stuff.


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  1. May 19, 2010 at 9:17 pm

    Our College, National Institute of Technology, Calicut is organizing a Nation-wide Technical Festival. We are Interested in a Flex workshop by you ppl.

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